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4 Reasons You Are Not Getting More Freelance Copywriting Works

4 Reasons You Are Not Getting More Freelance Copywriting Works



It may have been a few years back when you had that wave of productivity hit you so hard that you decided to hustle, you decided to work and earn money and perhaps that way of the hustle and bustle was the freelance way.

It may have been a few years back or just a few days back, but however long it may have been, there has always been that one thing that has not turned that wave of productivity into actual work and input. And that reason simply may be you not finding clients. Surely that wave of productivity hit you directly to a website like Fiverr or Upwork, and as excited as you were to make that first account, upload your first CV, write your first self-description but that excitement died as time went on and the only notification in your account was the one from the website’s bot itself. As bad as it sounds, I know that it was worse when you experienced it, but there may have been a reason as to why you were not getting work/clients. These may be those exact few reasons,

  1.   Incorrect SEO

In this world of content writing, the word SEO is a very overused term that usually loses its entire meaning in conversations or texts related to content writing itself. If you still do not know what an SEO is, let me explain as simply as I can. SEOs are those right keywords that hit the search engine and tell that engine what to show for that ‘hit’ word. Marketers, Social Media Managers, Advertisers, and everyone in this ecosystem of the internet use the correct SEOs to influence their reach more. One of the reasons as to why you never got your first client could simply be because you did not have the right/perfect SEOs on your profile. The perfect keywords through which you may have popped up first on the search bar.

  1.   Bad Presentation

Be honest, what kind of food would you prefer? Something that looks shiny, nourishing, smells good and is bright, or a platter that is mushed up and has the worst dressing ever. As far as preferences go, I believe those are one to their own, but talking about a majority of people, I believe everyone would prefer the looking-good kind even if they know that the mushed platter tastes just as good (or perhaps even better). As far as dumb metaphors on a blog post that are as simple as a brain child’s first words go, I don’t think I need to explain what it is here that I’m trying to tell you. Look through your post, not as ‘You’ but as a client that has stumbled upon your profile. Now tell me, “Is this a person who I have no affiliation with whatsoever throughout his life, Is this someone I’d like to hire, only based off of his profile”, and if that answer is a ‘No’ I think you know what you can do. 

  1.   Wrong Platform

Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and Truelancer usually take a huge percentage of your value, work and income. And sure, they provide a channel between you and the clients and perhaps they deserve that percentage for the work. A sort of a payment that you’d be willing to pay your manager if he promises to find you more and more gigs. But have you ever wandered, perhaps you are trying again and again, and failing all so often in pursuit of these websites, perhaps the reason is simply not you or your profile but the website itself. Perhaps the particular website is not suitable for what your needs and wants are. Perhaps what you want is a full time freelance that even helps you build a connection of relationships with other writers and clients. Perhaps what you seek are websites like Web Creation Nepal where we hire writers for gigs and build relationships with the writers, never leaving them dry.

  1.   Over Saturation

This is one of the biggest reasons as to why you are not getting more and more work on these freelance seeking websites. Over saturation of people wanting to hustle and make a buck on the side. Again, if you believe the line between you not having your first client and the wave of productivity hitting you is due to the oversaturation of content writers on freelance services that I believe that you should seek out more and more alternatives. Find other websites like Web Creation Nepal that are a hub for writers and clients to meet, not through SEOs or luck but through actual good writing, work and relationship building. 


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