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How to be a Content Writer in Nepal?

How to be a Content Writer in Nepal?



Becoming a Content Writer in Nepal is creating a vast scope among the youth as the market steps toward digitalization. So, we have brought you some major tips and guidelines to become a Content Writer in Nepal.

There are a few platforms that accept Nepalese freelancers and allow them to post gigs and interact with interested clients. However, before entering these platforms, one must consider one’s level of professionalism and creativity.

Nevertheless, content writing is just the thing for the ones who are interested in the field of writing and digital marketing.

Become a Content Writer in Nepal

Starting with content writing isn’t as easy as one would assume. You need to hone your writing skills to a professional level to get more clients or any at all. So, to become a professional content writer in Nepal, one needs good communication, innovation, versatility, and research skills.

If you don’t have any one of these qualities, there are a lot of ways to improve your skills or even create them. As a writer, one must learn new skills every day, and with the increasing number of clients, you will get a chance to do that. However, first things first, you need basic expertise to start as a Content Writer in Nepal.


Communication is a major factor in working as a content writer. If you are a freelance writer, you need to be an expert in professional communication. In Nepal, politeness is considered the most elegant way of maintaining a professional relationship. Using a respectful tone and addressing clients with “Sir” or “Ma’am” is a must to gain trust.

Another way of gaining a client’s trust is by listening to them first and asking questions regarding their project. You must be and sound interested in working on their project. Do not act superior just because they need your help and you have great skills. This will only discourage them to hire you.

Humbleness attracts your clients to hire you for long-term projects and empathize with you. As for the matter of payment, let it be more about your work and less about its value. Your clients are professionals themselves so they know how much your work values. Set a rate and communicate with them accordingly.


As a writer, one must be open to new topics and ideas. Versatility will let you explore several fields and later in the future, you might find your field of interest as well. With content writing, there comes the matter of digital marketing, which is the most versatile field out there.

Several brands are digitalizing in this era and are looking for the best content in the market. So, being a versatile writer will help you gain diverse clients. Once you have honed your skills, you can create your brand name as a content writer in Nepal and digitalize it to gain more clients in the future.

Basic SEO Knowledge

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a significant factor in the digital world. All the pages ranking on Google are based on SEO, which needs specialized content. A maximum of your clients will ask you about your SEO knowledge and if you can create SEO-friendly content.

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Platforms to Start as a Content Writer in Nepal

Before applying to any of the platforms we suggest, here are a few things you need to prepare:

  1. C.V / Resume (If you don’t have any experience, mention your academic qualifications, achievements, and skills.)
  2. Cover Letter

Now, freelancing is the easiest and most appropriate way to start as a content writer, however, there are a few platforms that accept newbies and interns for full-time jobs.


Starting with the freelance platforms, here are a few platforms to try out as a freelancer:

  1. Truelancer

  2. Fiverr

  3. Indeed

Full-Time Jobs

To start as a full-time content writer, one can create a profile on the following platforms:

(Note: Experience is preferred for full-time jobs unless it’s for an internship.)

  1. MeroJob

  2. LinkedIn

  3. JobsNepal

Further Details

Once you have created an account on the suggested platforms, you will be listed as a content writer in Nepal. So, use your professional email or number so that your clients can contact you. You will be identified as a content writer and have approaches from potential clients, however, stay humble even if they reach out to you first!

The first step to creativity is humbleness.

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