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Privacy Policy

One of the biggest factors that we cannot take for granted is protecting our clients and website users’ privacy. We are respectful of the fact that you have trusted us with your personal information. Your data, your information and your right to protection are our priorities to keep safe. Thus, we take all the precautions and the right approach that involves specific steps to ensure that your privacy and data stay intact.

The following Privacy Policy relates to all our clients, and website users who may or may not have registered on our website and to all the individuals that have visited our website and have used this site either with or without registering.

The main purpose of our Privacy Policy is to protect your PII (Personally Identifiable Information), your payment data and any information you may have shared with us. Therefore, As you continue to use our website and services, we would have considered that you have taken the time out to review and read all of the privacy policy thoroughly and we expect this to be your responsibility to know our policies.

Here are a list of our privacy policies,

PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

Personally identifiable information is any information or data that can potentially identify a business or a particular individual (website user). Personal information differs from other data types. That it typically cannot be traced back to you (the user or client) in most cases. Our Privacy Policy applies to all information you provide us with in regards to your business or personal affairs. All of the PII and personal data collected through our website is solely owned by Content Creation Nepal.

Data Usage

Things like Usage Data, Account Data, Legal Data, Transaction Data, Service Data, Inquiry Data, Correspondence Data, are all the kinds of data and information our website may store. Note that none of these information will be used for any ill or malicious activity and all of this data will remain safely with us and us only.

Deletion of PII

Content Creation Nepal will not retain any personal data you provide to us for longer than is necessary. However, if you decide to cancel your account or stop using our services, and you wish to remove or delete the PII from our website, partially or in whole, you may send us a written request. Please bear in mind that the deletion may limit or restrict your use of our services.


Content Creation Nepal has taken all of the necessary precautions in regards to protecting all your privacy. However it is also your sole responsibility to be liable of your own information and protection of data theft. We (Content Creation Nepal) will not hold any responsibility for any discrepancies or issues that may arise with your data. In the event that Content Creation Nepal deems it necessary for legal or other reasons. We reserve the right to disclose all stored information, although this will only occur in rare situations.

 Cookie Policy

A cookie is a text file that consists of a string of numbers and letters (the identifier). The web server sends the identifier to the browser, which then stores it. Afterward, the identifier goes back to the server whenever the browser requests page access from the server. We use several cookies to obtain non-personal information. That includes, but is not limited to: your IP address, the type of browser you’re using, the areas you’ve accessed on our website. And other technical information regarding the methods you’ve used to access the site. Third parties may use the information that the cookies collect. Therefore, The purpose of that use is site improvement, the analysis of our client relationships, and/or marketing objectives. Please bear in mind that analytics tracking system providers may also use cookies for tracking and gathering information about the website use.

 Privacy Policy Changes

Content Creation Nepal reserves all the right to make changes to its Privacy Policy. We will inform you via email in the event of any changes to our Privacy Policy. We will assume that you are in agreement with these changes, additions, and/or omissions if you continue to use our website after we have made them. Our team will assume that you agree with the updated Privacy Policy.

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