The Top Content Writing Websites: The best of Freelance - Content Creation Nepal

The Top Content Writing Websites: The best of Freelance

The Top Content Writing Websites: The best of Freelance



Although one may think the use of content writing and its market is a small cap of website oriented, SEO oriented writing, one’s thinking may just be narrow. Content Writing and its subsidiaries (including copywriting, research writing and everything related to a clientele economy of content writing) has not just a huge market cap but a high amount of competition.  

With every launch of a product, a website, the birth of something requires a comment and usually it is in the form of writing. That is exactly where content writing comes in and one can probably imagine the amount of things being born, updated, changed or restored in the whole wide internet, and that too in a day. If one can imagine that, one can imagine the market cap of Content Writing as a whole. 

When there’s such a huge market with high demand, competition and competition all over is bound to come and usually, competition is always good for a customer. With so much competition in this sector, customers may have a hard time choosing what the right website may be for their requirement, for their piece of content. 

To narrow it down, here’s the best of options for you to get your piece of content writing for the best result and the most affordable, the best content writing website of Nepal, South Asia and the world itself:

Content Creation Nepal 

With prices that exponentially lower than any other company in the market and with writers that are chosen through a rigorous process of trial and error that only chooses the best of the best writers with the highest of experience, Content Creation Nepal maybe the best option for you and your piece of writing to be written with the best of efficiency and result. 

  • Here are some of its Pros
    • Extremely Cheap Prices
    • Unlimited Reviews 
    • Better Client Experience 
    • Experienced Writers 
    • Efficient Work 
  • Here are some of its Cons
    • Suited for Content Projects


Upwork is a generic platform that allows you to employ freelancers from all around the world. Hiring writers, the possibilities on Upwork are exhaustingly endless. You will need to spend some time looking for the ideal people for your tasks. Expect to spend some time training people to fulfil your standards for low-cost content.

  • Here are some of its Pros
    • Well-Established Platform 
    • Can Hire different talents
  •   Here are some of its Cons
    • High amount of low-quality writers
    • It’s a mixed poodle that needs more time to vet people properly
    • Not suitable for content projects (Platform doesn’t scale)
    • Inefficiencies are caused by the clunky platform.

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