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How to be a Content Writer in 5 Minutes: A step by step guide

How to be a Content Writer in 5 Minutes: A step by step guide



The space of the internet is always booming and with it comes opportunities one may not see on a surface level. Content Writing & its demand is no stranger to that exact growth. With so many people wanting something written for some endeavour, you may find becoming an expert or just an amateur beginner in this sector very lucrative.

 If content writing and all of its subsidiaries is something you want to perhaps freelance as or simply work as, or if you already are a content writer and you want to enhance their skills, then this blog is exactly for you.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can start your content writing journey today:

Getting Started

The early adrenaline, the early arousal before doing the actual work, the high and intense feeling of the ‘1 AM’ motivation, we’ve all felt that. Perhaps the motivation before the work isn’t what you seek, but the motivation into the work. Getting ready is a tricky part.

You may read blogs, get help from a friend, read a book perhaps, or simply and mindlessly scroll and watch some YouTube videos on ‘How to write’ or ‘How to freelance’ hoping some part of your brain soaks up that information and helps you somehow. Know that, anything to prepare does help.

 Things to Know

To get ready to start this endeavour of content writing, all you have to know, (for now) is a little about SEO and a basic skill and ability of writing good communication in the language you’re about to write on. Having a good knowledge of grammar and vocabularies that are different or literature-ish does also help.

If all that scares you, do not fear because if you’ve lived your life on the internet for a while, know that this is something you can definitely do. All you need is time and practice to perfect the inner skills you already have.

 Use What You Got

One of the biggest skills you need to have to become a content writer is to have the ability to use what you have, use what you’ve heard from people, from your real life experiences. All that unknown education you have perhaps not as a producer but simply a consumer.

Things like that will help you understand more about what your client actually wants from you and with some level of understanding you may even be able to deliver exactly what a client wants.

Know Corporate Lingo

Always remember that content writing is a client business meaning you’ll have to interact with real people, and that usually involves talking in ‘The Corporate Language’. Even though you do not have to be and sound official and you do have the choice to talk like every human being does.

Know that, having a basic knowledge of that exact lingo will help you enhance your experience and profile for the client. The more professional you act the more professional your piece of writing will be to them. Sometimes it may not be about the writing but the personality you represent, so it is best to find a perfect level that intertwines professionalism and humane traits.  

 Use Social Media Experience

Everyone, I mean everyone is clung on to some form or another form of a platform on the internet. And although you may be addicted to some of those, right now be glad that you are. All that mindless time wasted, perhaps now is the time you utilise it properly. Let me ask you this, is there not some form of communication required to be in Social Media, and your answer probably is “Of course there is”.

Just like Mr. Miyagi taught the karate kid without actually teaching him (subconsciously I mean) somehow with so much time on the internet you have been getting that exact kind of training. All that pop culture knowledge, all that skill in communication you have, use that to excel your writing skills.  

 Just Write & Write Everyday

This is it, as cliché and redundant as it may sound, practice is everything. Practice makes a person successful and there is no doubt about it. It is not that your piece of writing is bad, it is just that you have not given it the time to propel beyond the level which you may be at.

Know that. Know that you could write better than you do. Smoother & easier. Letters that make up words that make up sentences know that those exact sentences could be simply a lot simpler and enjoyable to read.

 Content Writing takes a lot of experience and the sooner you start your endeavour the sooner you’ll get that exact experience. Anyways, it isn’t as hard as it looks, all you have to do is give it some of your time and energy, motivated energy. To end the blog let me use a quote I made up (that I’ve already used somewhere up there but it sums up the whole point):

“It is not that your piece of writing is bad, it is just that you have not given it the time and effort to propel beyond the level that you may be in.”



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